When parents contact me to inquire about a newborn session, I always ask if they know the gender of the baby.  Most do, but some parents decide to keep it a surprise.  I can just imagine the thrill of hearing the doctor shout, “Its a Boy!” or “Its a Girl!” just after delivery.  I get goose bumps just thinking about it!  When Madden’s mommy contacted me for a newborn session, they were waiting to be surprised at delivery.  They already had a boy and a girl at home, so it was the perfect scenario.  When she texted me from the hospital to let me know that it was a boy, it made my day!  We promptly set a date and planned for a newborn boy photography session.

Newborn Boy Photography Props and Setups

Potato Sack on a Flokati Rug

When choosing the props for Madden’s newborn session, I decided to keep it simple with neutral tones.  His mommy said that she loves neutrals, and I do too.  I started by wrapping him into potato sack pose.  He was awake at the beginning of the session, and this pose is perfect for keeping awake babies comfy and content.  He was awake at the beginning of the session, and this pose is perfect for keeping awake babies comfy and content.  We started with a grey wrap and I placed him on a grey Luneberry flokati.  I love monochromatic setups!  This is one of my go-to poses because the babies always look so cozy nestled into the fluffy rug.  I captured a few open-eye shots before he promptly fell asleep.

newborn boy wrapped in potato sack style with a grey wrap; eyes are open and looking at the camerasleeping baby in potato sack pose on top of a grey flokati fur rugnewborn baby boy in a grey monochromatic setup smirking at the camera with eyes half openbaby sleeping in potato sack pose while side lying during a newborn boy photography session

In a Prop

For the next setup, I removed the top grey wrap to reveal the layer underneath.  One of the tricks to newborn photography, and particularly a Wrapped Session, is using multiple wrap layers on the baby.  This way, we can simply remove layers as we go along for a different look without disturbing the baby too much.  Underneath the grey wrap, I had a cream colored wrap, and I had left his little feet and legs partially uncovered.  This allows me to still photograph some of his beautiful skin while keeping him wrapped.  In this setup, I placed him in my bamboo basket from The Original Photoblocks Props which was stuffed with some soft fur. I moved him to my wooden floorboards for more of a rustic look.

wrapped baby in a wooden prop from a newborn boy photography session; rustic newborn photocloseup of a sleeping baby with hands underneath chin in a wooden basket photography propbacklighting during a newborn boy photography session; closeup of baby's face and fingers

Beanbag Posing

The final setup for Madden’s newborn boy photography session was on the beanbag.  I kept him in that cream colored wrap and simply moved him to my posing bag which I had ready with a soft blanket.  He looked angelic and I was able to capture a closeup of his beautiful face.

wrapped baby sleeping on a beanbag during a studio newborn photography session; the wrap is flowing off in the distancecloseup of baby's face as he is giving a slight smirk in his sleep; newborn boy photography session

About the Photographer

Yvonne is an NJ Newborn Photographer with a studio located in Randolph, NJ.  She photographs Newborns as well as Baby Milestones and Cake Smash to offer a complete First Year Package for your baby.  Contact Yvonne to inquire about a newborn session or a First Year plan.

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