My Favorite Newborn Photography Props

Styling Newborn and Baby Photo Sessions using Beautiful and Unique Photography Props for Amazing Results

When it comes to newborn photography, most people think of newborn babies curled up into adorable poses surrounded by beautiful wraps, blankets, and other photography props in each setup.  Props are an undeniable part of the styling that goes into our newborn portrait process.  Every newborn photographer has a different style, and the choice of props is one way we get to express that. 

I’ve curated a unique and beautiful selection of props that reflect my clean and natural style.  I love to create setups full of soft, organic materials.  If you are looking for ideas for newborn photography props, here are the most used props in my portrait studio.

The Best Props for Newborn and Baby Photography

Girly Headbands

newborn baby girl wearing a floral headband and wrapped in a matching blanket; studio portrait
yawning newborn baby girl wrapped in grey and wearing a matching grey headband with bows and flowers.
baby girl wearing a pink headband with little pink bow; newborn headband.

For baby girls, there is nothing more feminine and cute than dainty little headbands.  I source headbands that are uniquely handmade, with beautiful details that are perfect for newborn and baby photography.  Most of them feature handmade bows, vintage lace, and floral elements in colors that perfectly complement all my other props for a perfectly coordinated style.  They are appropriately sized, so they won’t overwhelm your baby’s tiny head.  Best of all, they have soft adjustable ties, so they fit perfectly and comfortably for babies from newborn up to one year.  My headband collection is the perfect accessory for girly newborn and baby milestone photo sessions alike.

Baby Bonnets and Hats

newborn baby boy wearing a fuzzy blue bonnet.
newborn baby girl wearing a lace bonnet and laying in a plush flokati rug.
newborn baby boy wearing a green sleepy cap and nestled in a wooden crate lined with fur; newborn photography props.

I just love putting a cute little bonnet on a newborn baby.  Not only does it look utterly sweet and stylish, it also keeps baby’s head nice and warm as a bonus!  My collection of newborn bonnets are knitted by hand from amazingly soft and luxurious materials such as alpaca, angora and even cashmere!  I source my bonnets from talented knitters, such as Beautiful Ewe.  These look great on little boys and girls alike. Little hats, which may also be referred to as slouchy hats or sleepy caps, are an equally adorable option.  And of course, I have bonnets and little hats in all the matching colors as my wraps, so we can coordinate a setup for your baby that looks perfectly put together.

Newborn Wraps

baby girl wrapped in a pink wrap for potato sack pose in newborn photography.
portrait of sleeping newborn wrapped in a hunter green wrap.
newborn boy with a navy blue wrap flowing behind him.

Newborns love being swaddled; it keeps them warm and secure, not to mention it helps them drift off to sleep.  I have a variety of soft and stretchy wraps in different colors that I use to swaddle newborn babies.  My go-to pose for newborns is the “potato sack.” In this pose, baby is fully wrapped up with only their little fingers sticking out underneath their chin.  It is so cute!  There are so many different wrapping techniques. Newborn wraps offer versatility in styling and posing to create different looks.  I source my newborn wraps from Freebird Prop Shoppe; their fabric is top-quality and comes in an amazing variety of colors and textures.

Blankets and Knitted Wraps

sleeping newborn with a grey fuzzy blanket draped over him.
sleeping newborn baby boy wrapped in a cream colored knitted wrap and matching bonnet.
newborn baby girl sleeping in a bucket photography prop lined with a fuzzy pink blanket.

Blankets are used as layering pieces to style the setups.  These blankets are the perfect size for covering up a baby or lining the inside of a prop, such as a bucket, bowl or basket.  My collection of blankets are hand-knitted from luxurious materials that are soft and beautiful.  One of my favorite vendors for knitted blankets is Jessica Kandi Photo Props.  Her style is pure and earthy, and sources only the best organic materials.  I also love using knitted wraps for both wrapping and layering.  A knitted wrap is about as long as a stretchy fabric wrap, but absolutely plush and luxurious.  I love matching my knitted wraps and bonnets in beautiful colors and sumptuous materials.


newborn baby boy curled up in a wooden bowl photography prop for a newborn portrait session.
newborn baby girl sleeping in a heart-shaped wooden bowl photography prop; newborn photography.
six month old baby boy sitting up in a wooden bowl for a baby photography session; photography prop.

My wooden bowls were some of my very first newborn photography props, and are still some of my favorites!  Newborn babies tend to look extra tiny when they are curled up in a small bowl.  And for clients who return for baby milestone portraits, I like to incorporate the same bowl in their sitter session and photograph baby sitting up in the bowl.  It really shows how much your baby has grown in just a few months!  My wooden bowls come in different shapes and colors.  I have round bowls, heart shaped bowls, and trench bowls to fit babies of all shapes and sizes.

Baskets and Buckets

newborn baby boy sleeping in wooden bucket photography prop.
newborn baby boy sleeping in a basket photography prop.

Since newborn babies are so tiny, I love to wrap them up and tuck them into a prop such as a basket or bucket.  I do not use these props for sitters because by then they are too big, but newborns fit just right!  Most parents love the photos where their newborn is tucked into a bucket with only their head and little arms sticking out.  This is an advanced pose, so please don’t try this at home (or any other professional newborn poses, for that matter).  I only attempt this pose with babies who are completely asleep.  The results are always so cute; definitely a favorite for photographers and parents alike!

Crates and Little Beds

sleeping newborn nestled into a wooden crate photography prop.
sleeping newborn nestled in a little wooden bed photography prop.
six month old baby sitting up in a little wooden bed photography prop for a baby milestone photography session.

Crates and little beds are another variation of things to tuck a sleeping baby into, much like baskets and buckets.  These also make great props for milestone sessions, since older babies can easily sit in them.  My little wooden bed from The Original Photoblocks Props is one of my favorite props for newborns and sitters alike!

Flokati Rugs and Furs

young boy hugging his sleeping newborn baby brother laying on a flokati rug for a portrait.
sleeping newborn nestled in a basket lined with fur; newborn photography props.
baby milestone photo session with baby girl doing tummy time on a fluffy flokati fur rug.

I have a small collection of scrumptious flokati rugs and alpaca furs that I use in different ways.  A flokati, if you are not familiar with the term, is a woven wool rug.  They are a bit shaggy and very soft, and come in large sizes.  I use these rugs for sibling photos during newborn and family sessions. They make a nice soft surface for children to lay down on and snuggle with their new baby brother or sister.  They are also perfect for tummy time sessions. My order all my flokati from Luneberry.  They are so plush and thick! I also love using smaller furs to line the inside of other props to create a soft layer for baby to lay in.   

Baby Outfits

baby girl sitting in a little bed photography prop and wearing a darling green dress with matching headband.
baby boy in a little bear outfit sitting up and looking at the camera.

For baby milestone portrait sessions, I also carry a studio wardrobe of the cutest baby clothes you have ever seen! I have boy and girl clothes in sizes that generally fit 6-18 months. For girls, my headband collection coordinates perfectly with all of the outfits. I source baby clothing that is absolutely unique and handmade by talented designers such as Cora and Violet and My Darling Emma. You will absolutely not find them in stores. These outfits are sure to give your baby portraits the perfect finishing touch!

So there you have it, a run-down of some of my favorite newborn photography props!  My prop collection is extensive and ever growing. Please keep in mind that not all props may be appropriate for every baby, and safety is always my top priority whenever selecting and using any prop in a session. Let me know which props you love the most during our pre-session planning and consultation session!

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