Adorable Baby Photography to Document all the Milestones and Speical Moments in Baby's First Year

Whether you took newborn photos or not, you won't want to miss the opportunity to photograph your baby at different stages throughout the first year.  My Baby Milestone Photo Sessions are designed to grow with your baby and capture every precious detail along the way.  I create clean and classic photos of your little one that you will cherish long after the baby days are behind you.  

I photograph your growing baby in my Randolph, NJ Portrait Studio.  I carry multiple backdrops, beautiful photography props, and darling handmade baby outfits and accessories.  These photo sessions are fun and sweet, and create the perfect setting for your baby's portraits.  

What is a Baby Milestone Photo Session, and Why Should I Book One?

A Baby Milestone Photo Session is the name commonly used to refer to a photo shoot of your baby at different milestones.  As any parent knows, babies grow and change at lightning speed during the first year.  A Milestone Photo Session attempts to capture the new and wonderful things your baby is doing at these different developmental stages.  

The days of your baby learning to hold up their head, rolling over and sitting up are quickly surpassed as they learn to take those precious first few steps.  They will be off and running before you know it.  A baby photography session is a wonderful way to document your growing baby and have lasting memories of them at this tiny stage before they become grown children.

When Should I Schedule my Baby Pictures?

Some people schedule quarterly photo sessions during their baby's first year. I generally recommend at least one or two milestone sessions during the first year.  This really allows us to capture your baby at different stages and see how much they grow between each session.  Some common milestones for baby photography include Three Months, or 100 Days for Chinese culture, Six Months, Nine Months, and then of course, the First Birthday.

Baby Milestone - Tummy Time

The first photo opportunity for a Baby Milestone Photo Session is between three to five months of age.  This is when baby is able to start doing tummy time.  This milestone allows us to capture images of your baby laying down and smiling up at the camera.  They may also do other cute things, like sucking their thumb, grabbing their toes, and rolling over.  We will also turn them on their belly for a little bit of tummy time to capture your baby holding up their head.  If mom stands behind the camera we are usually able to capture some adorable smiles!

Baby Milestone - Sitting Up

My favorite time to photograph babies is around the mid-year mark.  I usually recommend parents schedule their Baby Milestone Photo Session anytime between six to nine months, once baby can sit up independently.  These are also commonly referred to as Sitter Sessions.  This is the stage when babies can start learning to crawl too.  Babies grow and develop at different rates, and the exact age for each milestone will vary from baby to baby.

Once they are able to sit up, it lends a perfect opportunity to photograph them exploring their new surroundings.  Babies are usually very curious around this stage, not to mention very smiley!  I think its a perfect time to capture images of your little one.  They aren't tiny newborns anymore, but they are doing so many new and different things.  Yet, they still have a way to go before the biggest milestone - their first birthday.

What Should my Baby Wear for their Photo Shoot?

Any photographer will tell you that outfits can make or break the look of your photos, and a Baby Milestone Photo Session is no exception to this rule.  For this reason, I carry a darling wardrobe in boy and girl 6-12 month sizes for my baby photography clients.  My pieces are handmade and absolutely unique; you won't find them in stores.  I take great pride in offering only the best in photography props and outfits.  You get out the door quickly without worrying about bringing extra clothes or shopping in advance. For baby girls, I carry beautiful matching headbands as well.  This makes it easy to pull off a perfectly polished look with little to no effort.

Props for Baby Photography

Another fun way to add some variety in your Baby Milestone Photo Session is by incorporating props.  I like to keep my sessions looking classic and timeless, so I never use props in an overwhelming way.  They are only meant to enhance the photos and keep your baby as the focus of the images.  

Some of the props I keep in the studio include small toys for holding and playing with; quilts and blankets for laying and crawling on; bowls, crates and beds for sitting on.  I frequently use the same props for my Newborn Photography sessions.  Photographing your baby with the same prop at different sessions is a great way to show how much they have grown in a short amont of time.

What can I expect at my Baby Photography Session?

Each session is a little bit different because I go with your baby's flow and pace.  Some babies are very social and have no trouble exploring on their own.  Other babies don't want to leave their mom's side and may cry a little during their session.  I don't rush into anything or every want to make a baby - or a mommy - feel uncomfortable.  If your baby needs a little bit of time to warm up, then that is exactly what we will do.  I keep some baby toys and nursery rhymes playing in my studio to help make babies feel at ease.  We will sit and chat and play until baby is ready to take a few photos.  I have alays been able to get beautiful results, even if baby is a little shy at first.

Baby Photo Session Setups

Your Baby Milestone Photo Session will generally include two setups.  I will have things laid out and ready before you arrive so that we can get started right away.  Once I have gotten some great images in one setup, we will move to another one.  Sometimes that includes a backdrop change; other times we will just bring in a new prop to refresh the scene.  This is also a good time for an outfit change, as well as a snack or bottle break if baby needs one.  I try to keep these sessions moving fast so that we don't tire out baby.

Getting Baby to Smile

I usually ask mom to stand behind me when I'm photographing, so that baby is looking toward the camera.  Don't be shy to clap and sing or make silly noises.  I will be doing whatever it takes to get baby laughing and smiling.  Sometimes I will wave a toy around with one hand and control the camera with the other.  Photographing babies can be a bit of a juggling act!  Once baby is warmed up, I can capture a variety of images in a matter of minutes.  Babies can make a series of different facial expressions and move positions in just a few seconds!

Poses for Baby Photography 

There are no predefined poses for baby photo sessions like there are for newborns.  But I do have a list of my go-to posing ideas for babies between the 6-9 month range.  Depending on your baby's ability level, I will generally capture images of baby sitting on the ground, sitting on a prop, laying on their belly, laying on theirback, playing with a toy, crawling or trying to crawl.  It varies from baby to baby, and that is the beauty of what makes these sessions so special.  Your baby's photo shoot will be different than anybody else's, and will capture your baby's unique personality just perfectly.

What About a First Birthday Session?

The first birthday is the biggest baby milestone in their first year of life!  This is when you will sit back and wonder how the year went by so quickly.  You will marvel at how big your baby has quickly grown.  I definitely recommend a photo session to commemorate your baby's first birthday, independent of any other milestone session you may have already done.  

Some parents can't wait to do a Cake Smash, which is a photo shoot to document your baby having their first taste of cake.  All babies react differently and its adorable to watch!  Some parents opt to skip the cake and do a classic first birthday Milestone session instead.  There is no wrong way to photograph your baby for their first birthday, and the ideas are endless!