Celebrate their First Birthday in Sweet Style with Custom Cake Smash Portraits

There is no better way to document your baby's first birthday than with Cake Smash Pictures!  These sessions provide parents with a wonderful keepsake of their baby's first experience eating birthday cake. And they are so much fun! You'll want to capture images of them at this sweet and fleeting moment in time; there is no other birthday quiet like their first.

My Cake Smash Photo Sessions include classic portraits of your baby with multiple setup and styling options. These sessions are highly customized; from colorful backdrops and balloons to personalized banners and other decorations. I do my best to work with each family to bring their vision to life.

Prefer to skip the smash?  No problem at all!  We can still have a beautiful First Birthday Milestone Session with all the loving care and attention to detail, just minus the cake. We will work together to create the perfect setting to celebrate your baby’s very first birthday in style.

What is a Cake Smash?

A Cake Smash is the name given to a popular trend in portrait photography where babies are photographed with their first birthday cake.  These sessions are typically scheduled just before their first birthday.  Its a wonderful way to commemorate this big milestone!  Its called a cake smash because babies are allowed - in fact, encouraged - to smash their cake!  Sometimes they get really into it, and cake ends up everywhere!  Sometimes babies aren't very interested in their cake, at least not at first.  They need a little bit of coaxing to get going.  No matter what they do, we capture it all with adorable photos.

What is Included in a Cake Smash Photoshoot?

Multiple Backdrops and Setups

I like to provide parents with multiple setups for a Cake Smash Photo Session.  The first setup includes a neutral-colored backdrop.  This is to capture some clean, classic portraits of your baby.  I have some simple props for them to sit on or pull themselves up on.  For this setup, parents can choose an outfit from my boutique wardrobe collection for babies, or are free to bring their own.

The second setup is the smash set.  This will include the props and decor we have discussed during the planning process.  First I will take a few more clean photos of baby in the new setup.  Then we will bring out the cake and let baby go at it!  For these photos, I do ask parents to provide the smash outfit.  This can simply be a diaper cover, pants or shorts, or a tutu skirt for girls.  I also ask parents to bring their own cake, due to food allergy considerations.  I can supply recommended bakeries, whether you are looking for a simple cake or an elaborately decorated cake.

Props and Decor

My Cake Smash Photo Shoots are as unique as the babies being photographed.  These sessions can be fully decorated and styled in a particular theme or color scheme.  Alternatively, they can be simple and classy, with minimal props and decor.  I always start with a free consultation with the parents to see what they have in mind, hear their ideas, and offer suggestions.  Most parents do come with a theme in mind; however, this does not have to be the case.  I've also had parents come to me without a specific ideas, and I will lend my expertise and work together to help develop something they will love.

Sometimes parents will want to bring a few of their own props.  If you are ordering a custom banner or other decor to use at your baby's birthday party, these can make excellent props for the cake smash photo shoot.  This is why I like to work together with parents on the planning process.  Alternatively, you can bring a special item, such as a favorite toy or other keepsake item, to have photographed with your child.  I love it when parents show up with their baby's lovies; these add a personal touch to the photo session.

What to Expect During the Cake Smash Photo Session

It is important to me that babies feel comfortable and hapy during their photo session.  I always start by letting both parents and babies settle in upon arriving.  My studio is a calm, welcoming environment, with amenities designed for families to enjoy their stay.  

Once baby has warmed up and is ready to start, we will begin photographing. I may do goofy things to get baby to smile.  I invite you to be goofy with me!  Singing, clapping, and dancing are all encouraged.  I work quickly so as to not tire out baby or lose their interest.  After the first set, we may take a quick break before moving onto the smash set if needed.  This could be a good time for a diaper and/or clothing change, or a snack for baby.  

Next up is the smash set with the cake.  I recommend that parents let babies approach the cake on their own.  It is ok to show baby what the cake is, and help them take their first taste if needed.  I let baby lead the remainder of the session and continue to photograph until they are done.  Afterward, you can clean them up in my studio bathroom.  There are plenty of wipes and towels on hand, and even a shower for those extra messy cake smashers!