Older Newborn Photo Session

A Wrapped Newborn Session with an Older, Awake Newborn

There is a myth in newborn photography that I would like to dispel.  And it is this: there is a very short window in which to get a newborn photo session scheduled.  And once that window has passed, you cannot get good newborn pictures.  This is simply not true.  I must admit, I do advise my clients to bring in their newborns within a week or so of birth.  However, I also believe that an older newborn photo session can yield beautiful results.  I have successfully photographed newborns one month old and older.  This older newborn photo session was with a sweet six week old baby girl.  In these photos, you can barely tell that she is almost two months old!

awake newborn making eye contact with the camera and appears to be laughing, baby girl wrapped in pink

Photographing an Older Newborn

When little Francesca finally came to me for her newborn photo session, she was six weeks old.  Her mommy and I had been trying to schedule her session for a few weeks by that point.  We had to move it back a few times due to winter illnesses.  I was afraid she would want to cancel the session altogether.  But then she said that it didn’t matter if she was an older baby, she still wanted the memories.  And I couldn’t agree more!  Every mother should have beautiful photos of their newborn, whether they are six days or six weeks.  I recently created a Wrapped Newborn Session offering, where the baby is wrapped for the entire photo session.  This is helpful when photographing older newborns, because it keeps them content and contained.

Newborn Props and Wrap Styles

I started this wrapped session on my beanbag fitted with a soft fabric in a pretty dusty rose color.  I used a matching wrap to wrap baby in the “toes peeking out” style, which is a parent favorite!  This is where baby is wrapped in a criss-cross pattern across their body while leaving their feet sticking out at the bottom.  Their little hands are also free at the top.  I think its adorable, and works great whether baby is asleep or awake.  In this case Francesca was awake, and I got some great eye contact, which parents always love.

newborn wrapped with toes peeking out, awake and looking at the camera; rose colored wrap and backgroundcloseup of newborn baby girl looking at the camera and wearing a floral headband with rose colored flowers

After these photos, mom gave her a quick feed while I set up some of my photography props for the next portion.  I prepared my white wooden bowl with a matching soft knit layer.  I also keep some extra headbands and wraps nearby.  It’s easy to switch accessories and move baby from one setup to the next without disturbing them too much.

After the bowl, I ended with some photos of baby wrapped in “potato sack” pose.  This is another parent favorite.  In potato sack, baby is completely wrapped up into a little round ball with only their little hands sticking out underneath their chin.  If done correctly, it’s safe to place baby into an upright position, such as nestled into a plush flokati rug.  I use my Luneberry rugs for potato sack pose in almost every newborn session!

closeup of newborn baby girl as she sleeps with her hands under her chin, she is laying on a soft knit blanket in a wooden bowl

Wrapped Newborns Usually Fall Asleep

As it turns out, Francesca fell asleep as we were doing the wrapped poses, which made the session a breeze.  Even older newborns usually can’t resist a snooze in their wrap.  I hardly remembered that she was six weeks old!  I must say, at this age, you can’t guarantee that babies will fall asleep during their newborn photo session.  Or at any age, for that matter.  However, if she had been awake, I would have been able to successfully capture her in the exact same wrap styles and prop setups.  If you have an older newborn, I hope you can see that it might not be too late to get beautiful photographs of your baby.

newborn girl in potato sack pose wearing a lace bonnet, image is taken with backlighting on top of a white flokatibaby laying on a flokati rug sleeping with one hand on her cheek

About the Photographer

Yvonne Leon Photography is an NJ Newborn Photographer based out of Randolph, NJ.  She also photographs baby milestones, which can be taken anytime during baby’s first year, if your baby has passed the window for optimal newborn photography. Contact Yvonne to inquire about an older newborn or baby milestone photo session today.




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