Photographing Older Newborns No Problem

Beautiful Newborn Portraits with Babies One Month and Older

There is a myth in newborn photography that I would like to dispel. Many people seem to think that there is a very short window of time to get good newborn photos, and if they miss this window, they are out of luck.  This is simply not true!  Photographing older newborns is definitely still possible and can absolutely yield beautiful results.

I must admit, I do advise my clients to schedule their newborn session within two weeks of birth. However, I understand that sometimes parents are not able to make it in during that timeframe. I believe that every mother should have beautiful photos of their new baby, whether they are six days old or six weeks old! This is why I always work with older newborns – between three to six weeks old – when I have the opportunity.

Reasons for Scheduling an Older Newborn Session

older newborn wrapped in potato sack and looking at the camera.
mother holding baby for a studio portrait, baby is awake and looking at the camera.

There are a few different reasons why we might end up scheduling an older newborn photo session. For example, if anyone in your family is feeling ill around the time of your session, we would reschedule for another day. This is the most common reason why newborn sessions get delayed, especially during cold and flu season. By the time we reschedule, it may be a week or more later.

Another reason why we might schedule an older newborn session is if baby was born premature or born with health concerns. Depending on their situation, we may have to wait a few extra weeks for baby to come home from the hospital and get clearance from their doctor. In this case, I stay in close contact with the parents to schedule their session as soon as it’s safe for baby.

Finally, a common scenario I get is parents who inquire for a newborn session after their baby is already born. By the time they reach out, their baby may already be a few weeks old. If I have last minute availability, we will schedule the session as soon as possible. Often this means I will be working with an older newborn.

Wrap Styles for Older Newborns

baby wrapped in potato sack and nestled into a basket prop.
Photographing older newborns in a studio session

My go-to wrapping style for all newborn sessions is the “potato sack.” In this pose, baby is completely wrapped up with only their little hands sticking out underneath their chin. It makes baby look tiny and snuggly! There are so many options for posing baby once they are wrapped up like this. We can do poses on top of my beanbag or nestled into a prop

Another cute wrap style is the “toes peeking out.” This is a parent favorite because baby is wrapped in a criss-cross pattern with their little feet sticking out at the bottom, which is so cute! This wrap works especially well for photographing older newborns since baby can be asleep or awake. Parents actually love the awake shots where we are able to get some great eye contact!

Alternative for Older Babies – Milestone Photo Sessions

three month old baby dressed in a teddy bear outfit and laying in a prop looking up at the camera and smiling.
three month old baby doing tummy time and looking up at the camera; laying on a fluffy flokati rug and dressed in pink ruffle dress.

Once baby starts getting closer to the two month mark, I recommend skipping a newborn session and opting for a tummy time session instead.  We can only wrap them up like a newborn for so long!  Soon, your newborn will start to be more awake, alert, and responsive to the world around them.  And this is a beautiful stage to celebrate as well!

I photograph babies through their first year, with all the stages in between.  I do plenty of milestone sessions around the three month mark, and I must say they are absolutely adorable!  Babies this age are still tiny but with a budding personality.  Best of all, we can dress them up in cute little baby outfits!  I keep a studio wardrobe filled with handmade and unique clothes and accessories especially for baby photography.  If your baby is past the age for an older newborn session, then consider milestone portraits as a beautiful alternative.  You may love these photos even more!

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