Superman Cake Smash Photo Session

Superhero Inspired First Birthday Cake Smash

Let them eat cake!  Cake smash photo sessions are all about babies interacting with their first birthday cake.  Each baby has a different reaction.  Some babies dive right in and have a messy cake smash. Meanwhile, other babies ignore the cake altogether and are more interested in the decorations or whatever else is going on.  It’s always fun to see what each baby will do.  This little guy arrived at my studio ready for a Superman cake smash.  His mommy had been doing at-home monthly photos of him with a different superhero sticker each month.  And she was saving Superman for his first birthday.  I think Superman is very fitting for a one year old indeed!

Superman Cake Smash Props

For the photography props, we focused on the Superman colors of red, blue and yellow.  I made a pennant banner and set up matching balloons in the superhero color scheme.  For the backdrop, I used my Savage Seamless backdrop in white, which allowed the colors to stand out beautifully.  A colorful cake smash is always festive and fun!  The birthday boy wore an adorable Superman diaper cover with a cape.  It was so cute!  His mommy also brought a little Clark Kent toy to match the theme.  The setup was simple but classy.

Baby Gets Messy with Cake

After first playing with the balloons, he moved over to his cake.  His mommy made it with white frosting, a city skyline decoration and a “one” cake topper.  First, he tasted it with one little finger.  You could tell by the look on his face that he liked it!  Then he dove right in.  Afterward, I noticed the cake was red, blue and yellow on the inside too!  Everything coordinated beautifully for his Superman cake smash theme.  And most importantly, the birthday boy really enjoyed his cake.  It ended up everywhere by the time he was done!

baby boy with hands up in the air looking like he is about to grab down on his birthday cake during a cake smash photoshoot.
baby boy sitting next to a messy cake with frosting all over his hands and smiling at the camera during a superman cake smash photoshoot.
cake all over the floor and baby boy during a cake smash in nj photo studio, messy cake smash
baby boy raising hands in the air as if to say all done during his NJ cake smash photo session

A “Super” Memorable Cake Smash Moment

The most memorable moment happened toward the end.  After this little guy was done with his cake, he suddenly stood up.  His mommy and daddy started clapping enthusiastically and said that it was the first time he stood up on his own!  It was so special that I was able to capture his first standing moment during his photo session.  Maybe all that cake made him feel like Superman after all!  Happy first birthday, super dude!

baby boy covered in cake standing up on his own during his cake smash photo session
closeup of baby standing up with legs covered in cake during the finale of his cake smash photo session in nj baby photography studio

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