All About the Tummy Time Photo Session

Photographing Early Baby Milestones

I love photographing babies of all ages and specialize in newborns through the first year at my portrait studio for baby photography. I typically schedule baby milestones starting around three months of age for a tummy time photo session.  Baby’s first year goes by so fast, and there are so many moments worth capturing by a professional photographer.  There is no wrong time to photograph your little one!  You’ll never regret having beautiful photos of your children as sweet little babies.

Reasons for Scheduling a Tummy Time Photo Session

100 days old baby doing tummy time on a soft rug in a studio portrait at Yvonne Leon Photography
smiling baby boy in a blue teddy bear hoodie doing tummy time in a studio portrait.

Parents come to me for three month baby pictures for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes, they missed the window for an older newborn photo session and decided to wait and schedule a baby milestone portrait session instead.  Other times, they are honoring a cultural tradition, such as “100 Days.” Lastly, some parents are on a baby portrait plan that may include two or more sessions within baby’s first year.  Baby plans are the perfect way to document all the developmental stages in your little one’s first year of life.  Whatever the reason for scheduling a tummy time photo session for your baby, the results are absolutely adorable and I believe this is a stage that should not be overlooked!

Not a Newborn Anymore; Your Baby Around Three Months

Three month baby milestone photos are just precious, and come up quicker than you realize.  Those first three months at home with a new baby will fly by.  At three months, although they are definitely still little babies, they are a far cry from their newborn days.  Three month old babies are much more alert and communicative with their face and body; can follow an object with their eyes; recognize familiar faces; begin to babble; and can bring their hands to their mouths.  Mostly, they start to enjoy play!  Babies can lay on their belly for some tummy time as they hold up their heads to look around.  Yup, your baby is growing every day!  A baby milestone portrait session is the perfect way to capture all the cuteness that the three month stage has to offer.

Props and Setup for a Tummy Time Photo Session

Baby boy wearing cute baby clothes laying on top of a blanket and looking up at the camera.
baby milestone photo of cute baby girl laying on her back on top of a fluffy rug.

The setup for a tummy time photo session is slightly different than subsequent baby milestone sessions.  Since babies at this stage do not sit up yet, the whole session will be conducted with baby laying down on either their back or tummy.  I always put something soft down for baby to lay on, such as a blanket or a fluffy flokati rug.  Then I photograph them from above.  If mommy or daddy stand next to me and sing songs or wave toys around, we usually get some cute smiles! 

I like to keep the look of these photos clean and classic. We typically don’t incorporate many other photography props, with the exception of some adorable outfits! I keep a studio wardrobe available with baby clothes and accessories.  Parents love dressing up their babies in cute clothes and matching headbands for their milestone portraits!

Cultural Traditions – Celebrating Baby’s 100 Days

100 days baby portrait session.  Baby girl laying on tummy and looking at the camera.
Baby girl wearing red Chinese scarf for 100 Days portrait.
Asian baby doing tummy time for 100 Days photo session.
Baby girl laying on fluffy rug for 100 days photo session.

I frequently get asked whether I offer “100 Days” portrait sessions.  I have learned that some cultures celebrate their baby’s first 100 days as a very important milestone.  Since 100 Days coincides with about three months of age, I treat this as a tummy time photo session while doing my best to honor any specific cultural requests.  Many parents like to schedule the portrait session on the exact 100th day.  Other times, they may have a special cultural outfit or token that they would like incorporated into the baby’s 100 Days portraits.  I love to learn about different cultures and feel so honored when I get to help a family celebrate an important milestone and carry on a special family tradition.

The Next Baby Milestone Portrait Session

baby girl sitting up and smiling at the camera during a sitter session
baby milestone portrait of baby boy sitting up and about to crawl toward the camera.
baby boy laughing at the camera and sitting in a prop that looks like a little bed.
baby boy sitting in a bowl and looking at the camera during a milestone photo session.

I hope that you have learned a little bit more about what to expect at the tummy time photo session.  If you have a three month old baby at home and missed the window for newborn photos, or would just like to document them at this stage, then perhaps you will consider visiting the studio for a milestone portrait session.  Babies are so cute at this stage; still small but growing so quickly!  You will be amazed at how much different your baby will be in just another few short months.  The next popular baby milestone portrait session starts around six month of age.  These are often called “sitter sessions” because by this point babies are starting to sit up on their own!  I must admit, sitters are definitely my favorite milestone to photograph!

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