Where the Wild Things Are Cake Smash

A Whimsical Cake Smash Session Based on Beloved Children’s Book

I’ll eat you up I love you so!  I am so in love with this Where the Wild Things Are cake smash!  Who doesn’t love the classic children’s book, ‘Where The Wild Things Are’?  This story has transcended generations and seems to be more popular than ever.  Parents and children alike love the story of Max, who sails off to have an amazing adventure and becomes the “King of all the Wild Things.”  Then, after his wild rompus, he returns home to a hot supper and a good night.

I must admit, sometimes the perfect client comes along at the perfect time and your visions align perfectly.  I had been wanting to do a Where The Wild Ones Are cake smash for some time now.  When this mommy reached out to inquire about a cake smash session – and, that she wanted to do a Where the Wild Things Are cake smash – I nearly jumped out of my seat with excitement.  As we worked together on the props and details, I knew that this session would be very special.

Where the Wild Things Are Photography Props

For this Where the Wild Things Are cake smash, I set up my Savage Seamless backdrop in the color Mocha.  This was the perfect color to match the brown, black, white and gold color scheme that we were using.  I do love using seamless paper for cake smash photo sessions because I can easily cut off the bottom piece of paper that gets smeared with the cake.  This makes the setup and cleanup quick and easy!

Next I strung three different banners along the backdrop.  First, a pennant banner made with burlap flags.  Then a black, white and gold rag banner with a black number 1 in the middle.  Finally, a chip-board banner that spelled out A WILD ONE, with little gold crowns between the words.  I also set up balloons in black, gold, and white.  For the cake stand, I used a round slab of wood to set the cake on.  The cake was simple and small, with white frosting.  It was topped with a black cursive ONE with a little gold crown on top.  It coordinated perfectly with the entire set and theme.

The finishing touch was three wooden signs that this very talented mommy made just for this session.  They each had a quote from the book.  The first quote said, “They made him King of all the Wild Things.”  She said that she loved this quote because her little boy was a little bit wild sometimes.  I think most moms of boys could relate with that!  The next sign said “I’ll eat you up I love you so.”  I think every mom can agree with this one as well!  The final quote said, “Inside all of us is Hope, Fear, and Adventure.  Inside all of us is a Wild Thing.”

closeup of sign that says "they made him King of all Wild Things" for a Where the Wild Things Are Cake Smash photoshoot
Closeup of sign that says "I'll eat you up I love you so" for a Where the Wild Things Are Cake smash; photo prop
closeup of sign that says "Inside all of us is Hope, Fear and Adventure. Inside all of us is a Wild Thing" for a Where the Wild Things Are cake smash photo session
closeup of cake on top of a round wooden slab for a where the wild things are cake smash

Where the Wild Things Are Cake Smash Photos

Before bringing out the cake, we set the birthday boy down on the cake smash set to get a few clean pictures.  His mommy put him in jeans with a white shirt and suspenders.  He also had on a gold crown with faux fur.  He looked just like the king of all the wild things!  We got some adorable pictures of him looking at the props and smiling at the camera.

Next it was time for cake!  For these photos, he wore some khaki shorts with his crown hat.  He took one taste of his cake and his little eyes lit up.  You could tell that he thought it was delicious!  He proceeded to quickly take more and more tastes of cake in rapid succession.  After a few minutes, he decided that he was done, and he crawled off the set.  We tried sitting him back down by his cake but he did not want anymore.  Babies always seem to know when they’ve had enough.  And that was a wrap!  Happy first birthday, you little wild one, you!

photo of little boy with his back to the camera as he sits in front of his cake smash setup and is facing looking toward the props
One year old boy smiling at the camera. He has big blue eyes and a wide happy grin. He has his hands on the floor as if he is about to crawl toward the camera.
one year old boy about to reach for his cake in the where the wild things are cake smash setup
baby boy tasting his cake for the first time. The expression on his face seems to be says "Mmmm!"
baby boy with one hand in his mouth as he proceeds to eat his cake during his cake smash photo session
top view of baby boy reaching down for his cake; he wears khaki shorts and a gold crown trimmed with faux fur for a Where the Wild Things Are cake smash photo shoot

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