Four Reasons Why You Should Take Maternity Photos

Are you Expecting?  Congratulations!  This is why Maternity Portraits Matter

Pregnancy is such a magical time.  When I started offering maternity photography, it quickly became one of my favorite genres.  You may be wondering whether you should take maternity photos or not.  There are so many reasons why a maternity session could be beneficial during this special time in your life.  Let me share with you the top four reasons why I believe that maternity portraits matter.  You will definitely want to put a maternity portrait session on your pre-baby bucket list!

1.  It’s a fun activity for the whole family

Family of three with mom, dad, and little boy all smiling at each other during an outdoor maternity photo shoot.  Little boy looks up at mom's belly.
Family of three with mom, dad, and daughter hugging during their maternity family portrait session.  Daughter is smiling at the camera.

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is a very busy time.  It can be overwhelming with all the things to buy, things to do, appointments to keep, and decisions to make.  Although you may not want to add one more thing to your to-do list, I assure you that scheduling a maternity photo session is an easy activity that you should not skip!  Your portrait session will serve as a much needed break from the daily routine and allow you to enjoy some fun, stress-free time.

Whether you love the idea of going to a studio or taking outdoor maternity photos, we can customize a session that you will love!  And the best part is that your spouse and children are definitely welcome to join in.  A family maternity session is a wonderful way to get beautiful portraits of everyone before the baby arrives.

2.  Treat yourself to a day of pampering

Outdoor maternity portrait in a blue maternity dress around sunset.
Mom-to-be cradling pregnant belly and smiling at the camera during a winter maternity portrait session in the snow.

Let’s be honest, being pregnant isn’t always glamorous.  Although your body is hard at work creating a miracle, it can often be very tiring to say the least.  Scheduling a maternity session can be just the ticket to a much-deserved day of pampering.

Setting up some salon services for yourself prior to your portrait session can help you look and feel your best.  Not to mention, you will have something extra special to look forward to!  Some suggestions include booking a blowout at your favorite salon, getting a manicure and pedicure, and even getting your makeup done.

If you can’t make it to a salon, you can still have a pampering day at home by relaxing with some of your favorite beauty products.  Perhaps you can even ask your loved one for a gentle back or foot rub to ease away any stress.  Either way, your maternity portrait session should be a day dedicated just for you!

3.  Each pregnancy is special

Mom and daughter smiling at each other during a maternity portrait session outdoors during the spring.
first time expecting parents cradling pregnant belly during their maternity portrait session outdoors during sunset.

As a mom of two, I understand the “second child syndrome.”  This is a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that we often do less for our second and subsequent children than we did for our first.  So perhaps you took maternity photos of your first pregnancy.  Now you are expecting your second or third child, and are wondering why you should take maternity photos again.  Or, perhaps it is the other way around.  You didn’t do pregnancy pictures with your first baby, and now you are pregnant again.  You may think, “I didn’t take maternity pictures with my first so I shouldn’t do it with this one either.”

Let me just remind you, whether this is your first pregnancy or not, to take some time to enjoy it.  To marvel at the miracle that is happening inside your body.  There will never be another baby quite like this one.  It’s only fitting that you honor this time in your life with something special.  And in my mind, there is nothing more special than having photos of the people and times in your life that matter most!  This is why you should take maternity photos for each pregnancy if you can.  The images of your family’s evolution will surely be treasured with each new baby that comes along.

4.  The perfect transition to a newborn photo session

Older sister holding newborn baby sister during a newborn photography session at Yvonne Leon Photography
Portrait of mother holding newborn baby girl; studio newborn session at Yvonne Leon Photography

As a newborn photographer, I love it when my clients opt to include a maternity session as part of their portrait experience with me.  It helps us get to know each other and build a rapport before your baby is born.  So when it comes time for the newborn session, we all feel like good friends and everyone knows what to expect.

If you think about it, one of the first persons to handle your new baby – aside from immediate family members and the doctors – will be your newborn photographer! Taking the plunge with a maternity photo session is a great way to build up your relationship with your baby’s future photographer.  You definitely want to make sure that this is a person who is well qualified, not to mention somebody who you know and trust.

Top reasons why you should take maternity photos

So there you have it, moms!  There are so many reasons why you should put a maternity photo session on your bucket list to do before baby’s arrival.  Whether you are looking for a fun activity that your whole family can enjoy; would like to treat yourself to a day of pampering; want a unique way to honor your pregnancy; or are looking for the perfect newborn photographer, these are all wonderful reasons why you should take maternity photos.  Hopefully I have inspired you to give it some thought!

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