Mickey Mouse Cake Smash

Red, Yellow, and Black Cake Smash Inspired by Mickey Mouse

M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E, Mickey Mouse!  What kid does not love Mickey Mouse at one point or another?  It’s easy to fall in love with this iconic character.  This mommy decided to go with a Mickey Mouse cake smash theme for her little boy’s first birthday portraits.  And I’m so happy that I got to work on this special cake smash session.  I think it turned out really cute, not to mention that baby boy loved it!  After all, he is a big fan of the mouse.  What more could a one year old want?

Mickey Mouse Photography Props

When planning this Mickey Mouse cake smash, I decided to go with my white backdrop from Savage Universal.  This would allow all the other decorations to stand out.  Planning the props and decorations for each cake smash is so much fun!  We brought this vision to life by setting up balloons and tissue poms, as well as a pennant banner in Mickey Mouse inspired colors.  The birthday boy even dressed up for the occasion, wearing an adorable yellow bowtie, a red diaper cover that looks just like the shorts Mickey Mouse wears, and black suspenders with white polka dots.  He looked so cute!

We set him down to get a few pictures of him in that adorable outfit before bringing out the cake.  I always do this in a cake smash photo session so that parents can have some clean pictures of their baby before they get covered in cake.  I brought out my little white chair, which is one of my favorite photography props for first birthday sessions.  Babies who are learning to stand love this chair because it’s just their size.  He even started playing peek-a-boo with me as he peeked out from behind the chair!

one year old boy sitting on a white chair smiling at the camera during his Mickey Mouse cake smash photo session
back view of one year old boy to show off his red diaper cover has a mickey mouse pattern on the back
baby boy smiling at the camera as he peeks above the slats of a small white wooden chair he is holding onto
baby boy holding onto a chair as he stands sideways toward the camera and smiles during his cake smash photoshoot

Mickey Mouse Cake Smash Pictures

Next up, it was cake time.  His mommy had a custom Mickey Mouse cake made just for the occasion.  The bakery Patty Cakes NJ did a remarkable job!  It looked like a large cupcake, with a red base and white swirls on top to resemble the frosting.  Then it had black Mickey Mouse ears sticking out on top.  It was perfect for a Mickey Mouse cake smash!  The birthday boy went straight for those ears and ate one like a lollipop.  He loved his cake, and looked so cute as the black and white frosting got all over his face.  He made some really funny faces as he ate his cake too!

I had a blast with my little one year old during this first birthday session.  After he left, I couldn’t get the lyric from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse out of my head.  “It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, come inside, it’s fun inside!”  Yup, it sure was fun!

baby boy smiling at the camera with black frosting on his face from his cake smash during a studio portrait session
baby boy laughing after tasting his cake during his first birthday cake smash photo session
baby boy making a funny face sticking his tongue out for the camera to show that he is eating cake
baby boy puckering his lips and making a duck face during his Mickey Mouse cake smash themed photoshoot; he wears a yellow bowtie and black suspenders

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